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NOFIRE our certified fireproof products

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen interest in safety fabrics reach dizzying heights around the world and, after the virus, the concerns among consumers of a second wave of infections will feed demand for material innovation to safeguard our health and safety.

Our company develops certified fireproof fabrics, developed with fireproof yarns (and not using chemical processes like many of the products available on the market). We look at every fabric as a challenge, as we want to create the best product possible.

These fabrics can be customised depending on their intended use.

CERINO 9159 – Double-width fireproof cloth, soft to the touch.

The right choice of curtains is vitally important for questions of comfort, safety and hygiene. Our NOFIRE collection is not limited to the usual 4/5 basic commodities, but is a genuine full range of fireproof fabrics, complete with European and IMO certification.

Think of the role played by fireproof fabrics in the prevention of fires in hotels, restaurants, care homes, cinemas, gyms, schools, and places frequented by the public. It’s very important, and this is why the use of fireproof materials and fabrics is a legal requirement.

SUPER BUIO FERN – A double-width soft fabric made from French polyester satin with a classic, sophisticated look.

Today, research and innovation have given us designer fireproof fabrics that are lovely to look at and find application in private homes, for example in kitchens or rooms with a fireplace, or in the homes of smokers or the elderly, where the smallest distraction could have serious consequences.

EDOLO 9007 – A technical doublewidth curtain fabric.
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The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification
ensures the legal conformity of the tested textile
products. It also certifies that a product awarded
the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® has been reliably tested for harmful substances.

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